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The Rogers Service Contract

Existing Contract (Expires June 30 2021)

  • The existing Rogers contract only covers Cable TV.
  • The current TV subscription includes channels for the Digital VIP package.
  • Internet Service is not included.
  • The monthly cost to each resident is $45 plus HST and is part of your monthly condo fee.

Helpful Information from Rogers see below

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New Contract (from July 1 2021-June 30 2028)


The monthly cost for Cable TV remains the same at $45 per month plus HST.  From July 1st 2021 there will be an additional monthly fee of $10 plus HST which covers high speed internet service.  (Note: typical internet plans are between $55 & $80 per month). There are no additional fees (e.g., modem rental or installation fee). These monthly fees are fixed for seven years.

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Other Benefits

No price increase for seven years.

Today, Digital TV is delivered via  hardwired cable. The industry is moving toward delivering all video/TV services over the internet, Rogers calls their service Ignite TV. When Ignite TV is available in Swan Lake Village, it will be offered free of charge in place of Digital TV.

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TV Service

The existing Digital TV service remains the same: the Digital VIP package. (For included channels click here) Residents can add additional channels, Pay TV, sports etc., for additional costs at your discretion. Three HD Digital Boxes are included.



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No invasive upgrades within unit owners homes will be required. If Rogers is not your current ISP, Rogers will install a wireless modem in your unit at no cost.

Rogers will be facilitating a letter directly to all Swan Lake residents, effective June 1, 2021, with specific details about our Rogers services.

Rogers guarantees that its services will be good quality and without major interruption or interference.

Swan Lake Village residents will have dedicated customer service to resolve any issues.


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Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Rogers High Speed Internet service is new and will be included in the monthly condo fee from July 1 2021. The class of service is 150u (up to a download speed 150 Mbps and upload of 15 Mbps). This package includes unlimited bandwidth or usage allowance. The modem is included.


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Optional Add-ons & Upgrades

Residents can upgrade (customize) their service at their own cost. Extra TV channels and premium programming can be purchased from Rogers for an additional fee. Internet Service can also be upgraded to 500u or 1 Gbps, with discounted fees from Rogers. One HD Digital Box can be replaced with a PVR (video recorder) for a monthly service fee less $3.99 SLV discount. 

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Some Questions and Answers

Still have questions?

Why not visit the Rogers FAQ page